Monday, February 20, 2012

Motivated Monday: CLICK Protein

CLICK Espresso Protein Drink (14-Servings)Wow, what a drink!

The CLICK Espresso Protein Drink has come into my life on angel wings. Thanks right, Folks, it's like Starbucks in a multivitamin.

This 12 to 14 ounce drink mixture is packed with 2 shots of expresso AND 24 nutritians to keep you running strong.

I ordered mine from Amazon, purchased it for $20, used a $25 Amazon gift card {yes, it does pay to blog}, used FREE shipping, and it was here within a couple days. 

CLICK suggests three different ways to enjoy this protein drink: simply mixed with cold water as a refreshing cold drink, mixed with hot water as a cup of warm coffee, or blended with ice as a frappe...I chose the blended way and within minutes I had slurped down the goodness and was feeling that addictive rush of caffeine. Yes, it's true, I get a bit of a euphoric feeling when I inhale a nice dose of coffee and this was no doubt doing me something good. It's actually that same satisfied feeling I get after drinking a nice, warm know the one, that ooohhh, ahhh feeling that everything is right in the world no matter how loud your kids are screaming or what castrophic moment just happened in your life. There's just something about legeal speed {caffeine} that makes the world go round.  Oh, and I almost's only 120 calories!!!! I have now found my breakfast smoothie as well as that late afternoon pick me up. I am sold and already hooked on my CLICK Protein Drink. 

I wish this was a sponsored post, one in which I offered you a great giveaway full of CLICK products but instead all I have are my sweet words combined with my gratitude to the makers of this amazing drink...thank you, CLICK, thank you...and yeah, maybe it is the happy, caffeinated Momma talking at the moment, but you deserve it, what a great product you have!

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