Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop: Reverse Bucket List

Bucket lists are a great thing, I even have one on this blog, but what an outstanding idea for a whee little coward like me to write a reverse bucket list; a list of things I DO NOT want to do in life. 

*Breathe's a sigh of relief*

I've never been much of a dare devil, I have no need for high speed activities or pushing the limits, unless it comes to working out, but there again, I always seem to fall on the cautious side of things. So, when given the idea of a list of activities I'll stay far, far away from...I smile, I glow, finally a world that understands me.

Carrigan's Joy Reverse Bucket List - 

1. I will never ride any type of moving vehicle that goes up and down hundreds of feet, criss crossing every which way with the only hope of making you scream, puke, or pee yourself. No thanks, baby, no roller coasters for me.

2. I will never swim with sharks. I see no need to dip this precious, curvy body into the deep, dark depths of the ocean and leave myself out there like a sweet little worm on a hook for some prehistoric water swimming beast to eat me. No.

3. I will never travel to the Arctics, exploring the vast, cold, loneliness of ice...and whales. I shiver when I even think of it.

4. I will never travel to New York to huddle myself alongside the masses while waiting for that big, beautiful ball to drop. I'd rather stay cozy and comfy on my couch than risk freezing a pinkie toe off while bringing in the new year.

5. I'll never stomp through the jungles of Africa or sail the ocean blue in a paddle boat trying to beat some sort of record. I'll never capture snakes for their venom or ride side saddle on an elephant {I have ridden the regular way on a elephant though}. I'll probably even skip over preforming brain surgery, a knee replacement, and removing some poor guys gall stones, but if I am every needed to help save someone's life by giving CPR or rushing a neighbor to the hospital I certainly can do that, it's just the surgical side of things I don't enjoy.

And there we have it, my reverse bucket list, the things you will NEVER see me do in this life time. Thanks again for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop for this weeks prompts.

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