Saturday, August 11, 2012

XAGAVE: The Sweeter Side of Life

As a mother of 4, health is pretty much always a priority for me. I may not always eat the healthiest of foods or work out nonstop, but with small steps, my lifestyle is changing. So, it was a while back that I decided to ditch bleached sugar and try other, more natural alternatives. I started using agave months ago and was always well pleased with the taste. I mainly use it in coffee but have tried it while baking or making smoothies. So when I was contacted by Better Body Foods to review Xagave I happily agreed, and let me just say, I'm glad I've given it a go for this is the best agave product I've ever experienced.

First off, according to Better Body Foods, Xagave is an agave sweetener with great health benefits such as:
Xagave Premium Agave Nectar | 23.5 oz (single)
•   Weight Loss and Management
•   Improved Energy
•   Enhanced Immune System
•   Improved Bone Density
•   Improved Motility
•   Reduced Risk of Heart Disease and Type II Diabetes
•   Reduced Risk of Cancer
•   Diabetic Friendly
•   Organically Grown
•   Low Glycemic Index
•   Contains Inulin - a Prebiotic Fiber
•   Contains Calcium - Iron and other Vitamins and Minerals

I received a 23.5 oz bottle of Xagave along with information on how to substitute this product for sugar. I love how smoothly it pours and how it never dribbles down the side of the bottle like I have had happen with other brands. Xagave is also fortified with fiber and calcium, extras that I can definitely use in my diet. The taste is light but still requires only a small amount to sweeten any drink or dish. And, the bottle actually shows how to substitute this nectar for sugar, giving measurements and all.

If you're interested in shopping with Better Body Foods , you can find this product ranging in sizes of 11 ounces to 5 lbs with prices between $8 and $20. They also offer a $5 flat shipping rate on all orders, and are offering 20% off all their products when you use the discount coupon CJXAGAVELOVE. So, what are you waiting for, give Xagave a try and see how small steps can change your life!

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