Monday, November 19, 2012

Dirty Laundry

No really, this post is truly about dirty laundry and how the mounds and mounds of it's stinkiness piles up on my laundry room floor, glaring at me ever moment of my life simply daring me to tackle it and maintain a regular routine.

It has a mind of it's own. It swamps my weekends and even when it does get washed, dried, and folded it only hangs out in baskets, never being put up, but simply picked through each day as I run around crazy trying to get everyone dressed and covered.

To say it politely, as only a Southern Lady should, laundry was kicking my ass, and I never could get ahead of it until now. I've come across the most simple and beautiful method ever. I wash each person's clothes separately. Well, I wash the two youngest's clothes together since they can't fill a load on their own but other than that, the rest of the fam. gets his/her own load. They are washed separately, dried separately, and then quickly put up. It's so easy. I go to one room of the house and throw the clothes in drawers, on hangers, and then I'm done. It couldn't be more perfect! 

I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to tame the madness but it has, and now I want to know about You. How do You take care of Your whitey-tighties? How do You keep your sanity when it comes to laundry?

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