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SwissJust "understands that nature and the human body are perfect systems that are affected by external factors, such as our lifestyle, stress, artificial chemicals and diet. By studying medicinal plants along with the ancient therapies related to them, Just has rediscovered in them sources of pleasure and health. This knowledge is permanently translated into new essential oil-infused products that deliver solutions for everyday problems and help millions of Just customers worldwide make overall better choices and live healthier lifestyles."

Juniper CreamI received several SwissJust products for review - Thyme Cream ($36), Juniper Cream ($37), Lemon Essential Oil ($25), Travel Size Burner, and Body Balm ($39). The Thyme Cream is to be massaged on the chest, neck, back, and/or soles of the feet to relieve cough and flu like symptoms, while the Juniper Cream is used for sore muscles. The Lemon Essential Oil is used to release blocked energy, stimulating creativity and awareness, and the Burner is used to warm oils for aromatherapy. While the Body Balm is used to stimulate circulation and minimize bruising from bumps and insect bites. 

The products are soothing and offer great comfort. I applied the Juniper cream to my lower back, which has been sore for a couple of weeks, and the cream certainly offered temporary relief. I've also applied the thyme cream to Maddie's chest while she recovered from a cough/cold, and within a day of apply the cream the cough was gone. The products release a soothing fragrance after being applied, while never over powering. 

Price wise, these products range from $20 to $75, with the average price around $30. You can also purchase sets of different products for a set price. I appreciate the natural state of these products and look forward to using my products in future.

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I thank SwissJust for allowing me to review these products. These opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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