Monday, December 10, 2012

My Journey Towards Health

I don't recall at what age it started, the moment I looked at myself, realizing others were looking at me as well, but it happened, just as I'm sure it happens to so many of us. And then it also seems the extra, unhealthy weight creeps up without any alarms or bells going just happens as well.

I've been overweight for about 10 years now, since the birth of my second child. My weight has bounced around some, when I exercise it goes down and when I stop, it comes back up. I've never been good with counting calories. I take that back, I'm horrible at counting calories. I do restrict myself from sodas and I refuse to stock my house with chips and ice cream, but still, I eat way too much and don't move enough and this is impacting my health and my mood. 

I'll write later about my thoughts on body image, support groups, and the what not, right now it's mainly just an introduction to my journey to health. It's not's almost damn too hard, but it has to be done, or at least, I want it to be done. I want to be healthy for my kids. I want to look good in and out of clothes. I want to hear others say, "wow, you look great today..." I miss hearing that. I want my health and well being to be a priority again. 

So, here we go...again. 

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