Saturday, December 15, 2012

SWAT FUEL: Powering Warriors

Most of us have come across the true American warrior. The military,  the shift worker, firefighter, police officer, teacher, EMS, athlete, the list goes on and on. And now there is a way to fuel the warriors, to  "supercharge every fiber of your being" with SWAT FUEL. 

SWAT FUEL was designed by Dr. Dan Olesnicky, a team physician and police officer in Palms Springs, California who has spent the last decade training S.W.A.T. and special ops. He pretty much understands the bodily demands when placed in an intense situation requiring strength, endurance, and stamina to complete the obstacle at hand. And now we have the opportunity to benefit from SWAT FUEL as well. 

For those of you who are looking for that supplement to get ripped, it's finally here. SWAT FUEL Workout Primer {$34.95} provides increased strength and stamina during your workouts, while the Thermogenic Fat Burn Formula {$39.95} gives an insane performance kick. And for those of you who prefer to drink your supplements, SWAT FUEL offers the NATO Hydration Formula {price not listed} with a blend of glucose, amino acids, and other properties to enhance your performance. 

Honestly, the web site is geared toward the military mindset and it's not what I consider to be the average workout buddies domain. If you are interested in high velocity weapons then you will enjoy the imagery and advertisement of this website.

I received monetary compensation for this website review. These words are 100% my honest opinion. 
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