Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Madness: I Am Tired...

Every morning I wake up, roll over, and hit my snooze button. And yet every day I secretly criticize my body, the extra weight I carry, and compare myself to other women. Every. Day.

I'm so tired of it.

I'm ashamed that the thoughts of my body have become a constant battle in my head. I seriously wish I could move past this and "love myself for who I am, not what I look like..." I'm not saying my value as a person is set by the number on the scale but I am saying that I'm disappointed in the way I look. I don't feel comfortable in my clothes....or my skin. I want to feel the way I did a couple of years ago, when I was running. I enjoyed that body...I enjoyed catching glimpses of myself in the mirror. :)

And, over these last few months I've been trying to work out, I've done different DVD's, started and stopped running programs, but I've seen no results from any of it. It's time to seriously get back on track.

And so it's time to take on this mind frame....

Make shit happen!

I'm just not sure it could be said any simplier. It's just time....

Workout Schedule:
Monday: C25K {morning}, bike ride {afternoon}
Tuesday: C25K {morning} with 30DayShred {afternoon}
Wednesday: C25K {morning} bike ride {afternoon}
Thursday: C25K {morning} 30DayShred {afternoon}
Friday: C25K {morning}

What about You??? What workout program are You enjoying at the moment??

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