Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mamavation Monday: Virtual 5k

Mamavation MondaysOk, so I'm a little more than excited about this upcoming Virtual Mamavation 5K. I have one week to finish up my Couch to 5K plan and I'll be running this coming Saturday! 

And what is a virtual race you ask? It's typically a large group of people, from over a large area, say the whole U.S., that come together on a particular day, use a running app {MapMyRun} and run a 5K. We will be posting on Twitter using the hashtag #Mamavation5K if you'd like to follow along. And, at the end we'll be sporting an awesome pic of ourselves after the run. I can't wait to post my smiling face! It will be a great accomplishment for me this year. I've struggled hard to get back into a workout routine, and even though I'm not where I'd like to be in many areas, I'm trying to make the most of it, and really appreciate the small milestones.

I think my only challenges will be: 1. running outside. I've been training on a treadmill and I so know the difference between running on a powered belt compared to moving my body on the ground. It is so different.  And 2. I'll need to find my pace. I've been doing great with running 3 minutes at a faster pace and then taking a breather with a 2 minute slower pace. It's really helped with my endurance on the long run. But, again, without the treadmill, I'm gonna have to remember what those speeds felt like. I know there are pace gadgets to help and the app I'm using will show speed so I'm hoping this will help. 

Overall, I'm ready. I've been visualizing the run as I run on my treadmill. It may sound odd, but you really have to be prepared mentally to make your body do something that it may want to call quits in the middle of doing. You gotta know how to shut the right brain down and run with your heart, and that's what I love about running...just pushing it and discovering my strength.

This week's workout schedule:
Monday: C25K wk 8, d 3, 
Tuesday: C25K wk 9, d 1
Wednesday: C25K wk9, d2
Thursday: bike
Friday: bike
Saturday: C25K wk 9, d 3. I'm gonna start with the running program and then keep going until I've finished my 5K!

What about You? How are You making it happen this week??

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