Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mamavation Monday: Running The Race

So, this past Saturday was the Mamavation 5K...and it was AWESOME!

I decided to run my 5K at the local high school track Saturday morning. I had taken the week off from running, afraid I'd end up hurting myself in some freaky way, believe me, it's happened before. So, Saturday morning I was up, dressed, and ready to run. I used the MapMyRun app and really enjoyed it. I was able to see my distance, map, and speed all on the main page. I ran between 10 and 12 minute miles and really began to feel the difference in the paces.

Also, I relied on Chi Running to help toward the end. I actually got the whole lean running and just allowing your feet to follow behind your upper body. It was nice and I certainly plan on using it again.

So, overall, I ran my 3.12 miles in 37 minutes. I first had thought my timer said 36 minutes but upon rechecking my data, it was actually 37...still a minute quicker than my first 5k, almost three years ago. AND...I ran this one nonstop. This is the 1st race I can say that about! Yeah, I'm pretty excited about it. :)

I totally loved this virtual race, knowing there were others running the same day, all in different areas, challenging themselves and others. I plan on making my Saturday mornings my Get-Out-And-Run days. I loved being outside and the feel of road running versus treadmill just can't be beat. It's a whole new workout!

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