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Different Preparations of Colorless Henna

For years, people have been used with the use of henna in dyeing. The most popular one is made out of the leaves of the plant. However, it has been found that its stems have fair benefits too especially if applied on hair. Henna’s stem produce what is now becoming a popular hair problem solution – colorless henna. Unlike the usual henna which appears with the black color, this one does not affect the natural color of the hair. Even if it is applied for hours, the hair color is left unharmed.

What does this colorless henna bring? Basically, it is used to correct conditions leading to dandruff, hair fall and acne on the head area. It is made up of natural components which moisturize the head area thus leaving a healthy feel. To achieve the best results, one should make use of this product twice a month. Bear in mind that washing hair with such product may lead to dryness.

Gone were the days when you need to prepare the plant first before you can use it. Colorless henna comes in a powder form that is readily available in the market. There are easy to follow preparations that would not take much of your time. These preparations can be applied to bring out that healthy glowing hair. It will bring natural thickness, shine and glow on your hair once used. Here are some of the preparations you can easily follow.

One of the most convenient ways is to buy colorless henna in powder form. Empty the contents of the pack. Read the labels for special considerations. Ideally, the longer the hair the more there is the need for more colorless henna powder. Mix powder with a small amount of hot water. One can also make use of herbal extracts mixed with the powder for a healthier mix. Stir the mixture until it is free from lumps. Since it goes viscous, one can add essential oils on the mixture like olive oil. Apply on hair and leave it for 30-40 minutes. To achieve best results, use a shower cap to confine the treated hair and to avoid external elements from interfering with the process. Upon the completion of the process with the right timing, rinse hair with warm running water. Using shampoo is not necessary.

Another preparation that you can make use of is with the diluted bag of henna. Mix in two tablespoons of lemon juice with two egg yolks. Add cottage cheese to complete the preparation. Expect a consistency that is akin to dough a have it applied on hair strands. Let it stay for 30 minutes before rinsing with warm water.
The use of colorless henna in bringing out healthy hair can be easy. Yet, for those with dry and damaged hair, there are special preparations that can be used. Colorless henna may not be enough as there has to be another ingredient to be used to complement the effects of it. Avocado is one of the ingredients one can conveniently use. Mix in two tablespoons of henna with mashed avocado. For best results one can also add castor oil.

Honey is also one ingredient that can be used for damaged hair. Mix 100 gram of henna in hot water. Put one egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey on the mixture. Apply on hair and let it stand for 40 minutes.
The best thing about making use of henna is the fact that it comes from a natural source. Therefore, this product is safe to use and would not lead to allergies. Just make sure that the colorless henna you are using is not processed with chemicals because this is the primary reason why there have been reported cases of allergies. But once you have go it cleared out with chemicals, it is safe to use even to pregnant women.

If you want your hair to appear healthy from roots to tips, have it treated with colorless henna. It has properties that will truly help you achieve glowing hair. So if you are looking for a product that will just bring out the natural glow of your hair without affecting its natural color, go for colorless henna or check for the others herbs for hair grows here

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