Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mamavation Monday: A 10K? Why Not!

Mamavation MondaysSo, a couple of weeks ago I completed my first 5k of 2013 and I LOVED IT! I ran at my local track and even though running outside is so much harder than running on the treadmill, I loved the feel of being under the sunshine. So, it's time to take my running back outside and enjoy the benefits of road running. :)

I found a great app, the 5K to 10K app from It actually offers four different types of trainers to run you through the program. It's 9 weeks and pretty much picks up with running for 20 minutes. It also teaches different running speeds to help build endurance and strength. I'm really excited about giving it a go and look forward to finishing it up in a couple of months.

Also, on the home front, we are currently looking into buying a house. The place we are in now belongs to my in laws, and even though we had initially intended to buy this house, 6 years later we realize it's time to move on and find our own place. 

And, speaking of new places, it looks as if I'll be calling a new school my home this coming August. I'm still waiting on some paper work to be completed, but after that, I should hear the official word on the position.

Right now is a very exciting time for my family and I. And, I almost lost touch with my workouts when this all began. I almost let the stress of moving {homes and job} to get me down, but rather than retreat as I've done in the past, I've made a pledge to workout until I move myself into our new home. The workouts will keep my mind and body busy while we wait for it all to go through.

Happy time, ya'll. Happy times!

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