Monday, June 17, 2013

Eat To Live: Day 1

Wow, today marked the first day that I gave the Eat To Live plan a go...and it was hard.

I spent the day craving high fat foods such as a ice cream and sushi. :) I did notice that I had a great deal of fluid to flush out.

My diet consisted of:
Steamed cabbage
Raw veggie salad
1/4 cup nuts
Raw Carrots

And even though I ate as much of these foods as I'd like, I still felt deprived and hungry. So, come evening, I opted for an orange juice and rum drink. No, it wasn't the best option, but seriously, it got me through. 

Overall, mentally, I have got to let go of feeling as if I'm being some how punished and food is being with held from me. I am making these choices. This is my decision to eat a salad rather than a steak. No one is controlling me. I feel as if once I get past the "I can't have that" phase and also the actual food addiction, then my obsession will calm down and I'll feel more relaxed.

Day 1....DONE!

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