Monday, July 15, 2013

Do You Give A Cup?

Peet's Coffee is touring the country asking, "Do you give a cup?" Yes. Yes I do, and it just so happens I "give a cup" about books! 

Who out there has a Nook or Kindle? How many books do you have stored on it? My husband has over 300 books on his Nook. Please. Really?!

When it comes to reading I want to hold my book, I want to turn pages, and actually feel the binding, smell the pages, and truly enjoy all aspects of the book. Yes, e-readers may be more practical to house a thousand of your most beloved novels, but what happens when that little rectangle reader goes down? Then what? Everything is lost.

But not me, I'll always have the bookshelf full of books read and books still waiting to be opened and enjoyed. And speaking of enjoyed, I typically only buy used books. I love saving a dime and I also enjoy the small notes that others have placed in a book. The highlighted marks, the stains, and folded corners all tell a story of the previous owner. 

My husband always comments on how I hold my books as I read. I bend the cover back and fold down the corners. He mumbles something about breaking the spine and blah, blah, blah, but to me, my book and I become close friends which entails me becoming completely comfortable with my book, especially if it holds a breath taking story inside.

So, what about You? What do You give a cup about? Check out Peet's Coffee and share what You give a cup about as well as vote on the topic of the week. Your vote determines where Peet's Coffee will stop off next and share samples of their delicious brew. And, if you happen to have a nice book laying around maybe you can relive a story while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. 

I received monetary compensation from Peet's Coffee for this post.

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