Sunday, June 30, 2013

Playful Parenting: Connecting Through Play

As a preschool teacher I spend my day in play, and yet, at times, it's still hard for me to find the motivation to delve into the world of a child through pretend play.

Most of the time if I can't find my "play" mode it's because I'm preoccupied with the thoughts of paper work or an upcoming meeting. And those thoughts seem to multiply when I'm home trying to balance Motherhood with my own free time. 

Simply put, playing can be hard at times. Or so I thought.....
I've recently started reading the book, Playful Parenting, and even though I'm only a few chapter in, I'm finding new breath in my play with my kids.

A year ago, when  my 4th child was born, I felt as if I had lost the strong connection I had with my then toddler. I struggled with my feelings. At first I simply thought it was due to hormones, but over time the bond that we had once shared just seemed to have been replaced by another child. I was heart broken.

After one day of truly being conscious of how my play, my interactions, and tone effect my self and my child, I have begun to rebuild that precious connection I once had. When I fell feet first into my daughter's world of pretend play, I found her again, and we both lit up with joy. :)

I'm not saying play with make every day perfect but it certainly has changed my mindset about how I respond to my children. This book reminds me to take a moment and shift the mood, if I can, to playfulness instead of using irritation or anger to get my point across. 

So far, Playful Parenting, is bringing me back to my kids and I look forward to finishing this book and sharing all my newly learned insight.

What about You? Is play hard for You? Do You understand the importance of play for children as well as a family bond?

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