Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Eat To Live: Day 3 It's The Small Things

So, today I pretty much caved for 2 slices of pizzas. I have no regrets...I really wanted it. And, I did pass on the cupcakes that the kids enjoyed during Maddie's tea party. 

It was great having friends over today. I feel so excited and even proud of our new home. :) The kids loved having some little ones over to play with...the play room was completely taken advantage of and I had a blast chatting with a close friend. 

In regards to Sean, he has lost 16 pounds. I've lost 3. :) I know, I can't compare my body to his but come on....16 pounds! No, I'm very proud of him. His health is very important to me and every pound he takes off, he lowers his chance for disease.

Speaking of bodies, a wonderful comment was left on my recent Mamavation Monday post. YummySushiPjs reminded me to not lose sight of the great things my body does for me and I think that's very important on this journey. I don't simply need to eat healthy and workout to lose weight but to treat myself better as well as to appreciate this body that I have. Thank you, YummySushiPjs, and your name rocks!

Photo: #todaysrun took place on my elliptical. #SweatyOverall....

1. My cravings are down.
2. I am able to now space my meals out longer without needing to snack to control my hunger. 

My Body...
1. Is strong.
2. Makes it possible for me to run.
3. Enjoys healthy foods.
4. Is sexy.
5. Has grown and birthed 4 wonderful children!
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