Friday, August 16, 2013

{Product Review} Complete Rejuvenation System by Dermagist

So, this is me with after-workout-crazy-hair. I'm 36 years old and I'm developing wrinkles. It's no lie. I can hide them, but if you get close enough you'll notice the lines, so when I was approached by Dermagist to review some of their products, I happily accepted and chose the Complete Rejuvenation System .

My products arrived within a couple of weeks and they came with specific instructions on how to begin to process of restoring my youthful glow. The process took two days to prepare the skin for the complete system. 

Now, I have VERY sensitive skin and 99% of all products that I try to use on my face simply burn my skin or leave me feeling as if I've just had botox and can't move a facial muscle OR that I'm coated in triple layers of moisturizer. Hence, I've become pretty skeptical of skin care products. But hey, I try to remain open minded and this time around, I'm so glad I did. 
dermagist complete rejuvenation system
The Complete Rejuvenation System includes three distinct products that together aim to help wrinkles, reduce the appearance of pores, and reduce redness and discoloration. Each item can be bought separately  but Dermagist recommends using them together for optimal results. The cycle of use is typically 30 - 45 days and then the client can either decide to use the individual products as needed or you may repeat the cycle again.

I must admit, these products were extremely gentle on my skin and never left me feeling as if my skin was shirking or covered in layers of gunk. I never experienced any burning sensations and I was able to use the products daily without irritation. I feel as if the products did reduce the appearance of my fine lines and with continued use, will continue to benefit my skin.

Bought together, the products range in price from $103 to $239. The price varies on whether or not you decide to replenish your order or purchase more than one system. If you're in the market for high quality skin care products, check out Dermagist and let me know how much your skin loves it's new skin care system.

I received these products free of charge in return for my review. These opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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