Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Classroom, Getting It Together

Today was my first, official, day at my new school. I am in love! :) Below are a few quick pics from the other day when I was working on the room.

I love these trays! These are great for sorting and displaying all kinds of different materials. We even use a three cup tray to house our napkins, spoons, and straws on the table for the kids to independently reach their own supplies during meal times. $1 Dollar Tree

Metal baskets and command hooks to display different materials. LOVE! $1 Dollar Tree

Plants are a must in my world. We took metal baskets and mounted them on the wall with command hooks. I then placed a bamboo plant in the container. The children will be encouraged to water the plants with spray bottles. $1 metal basket @ Dollar Tree. $9 bamboo plant @ Walgreens.

I feel so honored to be at this school and I want my students to know how special they are while they're with me. Here's to a fun-filled year!!
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