Saturday, August 3, 2013

So, You Get That Call, You Know The One From Your Doctor With Your Blood Results.

I recently went to see a new doctor since my other doc has now retired. We talked and he drew blood to check the normal stuff - thyroid, cholesterol  sugar, etc. He also said they'd call me with my results. 

Ok then, bye, Dr!

A week almost went by and then I realized I had a couple voicemails. At 7:30 p.m. on a Friday night I receive two voicemails from my dr. telling me to give him a call, something showed up on my blood work.

What?! What do you mean, "something showed up no my blood work?!" I've never been sick. I'm only 36...come on, I'm still immortal, right?

Of course the office was closed and so I'll drag my feet all weekend until I can call him again on Monday. But it really did shake me up. What if I have cancer? I don't feel like I had cancer. But then again, what does cancer feel like? Diabetes?  High cholesterol?  Now, that one might be it. Oh, what about my thyroid? I have been dealing with this horrible depression for the past 3 years. It's manageable on medication but I've truly never felt any like this in my life before...maybe it's more than just PPD.

All these thoughts raced through my head. I called a couple of people, acted all dramatic and such, and then I finally just realized, "I'm making a change in my life. Whatever results my blood work shows today can be worked on and possibly changed through better lifestyle choices."

And so there it is, the eye opening moment that I actually do have the choice to heal or hurt my body. I know many diseases are not in our control but yet many of them still are. 

Since waking up the next day after my doctor appointment on Monday, I have spent the week seriously concentrating on my nutrition as well as fitness. It's been tough, I've been hungry and sore, but overall I'm already seeing a difference. I've removed 4 pounds of unwanted weight. I still have about 50 pounds to go but I now know it's do-able. I have the tools, I have the reasons, and now I finally have the control.

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