Monday, October 28, 2013

Relieve The Winter Blues with Lemon

Ok, so it's not actually winter yet but if you're in the Southeastern part of the U.S. you know that we recently went from 75 - 80 degree weather to, oh, the 60's in a day. Fall hit and it hit hard. Not that I'm complaing about the beautiful fall colors or even the break from the horrific humidity and heat so well known to the South, but I must say, when the chill rolls in, my skin does not do well.

My hands turn into pruned up, wrinkled claws, my lips contunously burn, and my legs become chaffed. What? How??? Ok, maybe the running outdoors with inappropriate cold weather gear doesn't help the skin much, but still, my poor epidermia suffers for the next 4 to 5 months until the groundhog shows it's little poonched up face and decides whether or not Spring has sprung or if the seasonal depression will continue {no I do not believe groundhogs predict the weather}.
Anyway, the whole purpose of this post was to share one of my lovely cold weather drinks with you. And no, this one does not contain alcohol, unless you'd like to add some. It's a simple mixture really, warm water, half a lemon, and honey (optional). I use a coffee cup so you're talking 4 to 6 ounces of water. I always have lemons on hand for my water jug and for the honey, squirt as much as you'd like for taste {not try to use too much, though, or at least test your blood sugar afterwards if need be}.
According to MindBodyGreen, this concoction is best drunk first thing in the morning, and by adding it to your daily routine you are sure to: boost your immune system, balance your internal ph level, aid weight loss, aid in digestion, use as a gentle diurectic, clear your skin, and hydrate the lymph system.
I just can't see that you're going to go wrong with such a delicious little drink. So, enjoy the cold weather and a cup of warm lemon juice!
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