Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Carrigan's Joy in 2014

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Last night I spent a wonderful hour with a great group of people on Mamavation TV. The focus was Healthy, Sustainable, Toxic-Free Goals for 2014. I actually started the night with very few goals but by the time the night was over, and after three pages of notes, I was able to discover  several topics I'd like to focus on in the upcoming year.

Goals for 2014

1. Mamavation {Health, Fitness, & Toxic-Free Living}
Mamavation is a wonderful community that provides not only much needed knowledge but also friendship and support. I love that not only am I able to learn healthier ways to live for myself and family but I'm also able to share in this journey with others, particularly other women who have had similar experiences and yet still bring enough difference and uniqueness for me to learn from. Thank you, Mamavation, for continuing to push the boundaries and making changes one MOM at a time. I look forward to spending my 2014 with You!

2. Home Garden {Sustainable & Toxic-Free Living}
My husband and I purchased our home this past May 2013 and instantly we began discussing the future garden. This upcoming summer I'd love to have a nice family size garden growing on my side lawn. It's time to start researching what all we'll need to make this happen!
3. Backyard Chickens {Sustainable & Toxic-Free Living}
How cool would it be to have the kids chasing around cage-freed chickens! I thought of this idea many times last summer, especially after taking Maddie to a farm where she, at 3 years of age, chased around a chicken and then proudly carried it around as her best friend. Yes, I want chickens...and a pigmie goat! And it just so happens that last night Mamavation had Gretchen Anderson on, the author of, The Backyard Chicken Fight, and I pretty much ordered it instantly after hearing her quick discussion on the topic.
4. Resonable Debt Free {Sustainable Living}
This next year I'd like to seriously work on removing my credit card debt and rely more on savings and delayed gratification than on debt to meet my needs. I understand debt is related to credit scores but I don't feel as if I have a good handle on my debt, and that I'm not working productively {as of yet} to pay off my that debt.
So, there we have it...an ever evolving list of what I'd like to accomplish in 2014. Now, since this is just the blue prints I'll need to come back, within the next few days, and set a plan on how to reach these goals...small, baby steps, that's how we'll make it happen.

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