Monday, December 30, 2013

Mamavation Detox and Weight Loss Boot Camp January Campaign

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Hidy-Ho, Folks! I hope you all have had a wonderful Holiday and are looking forward to a new year, with new hope and excitement. I know I am! And to kick it all off, I've applied for the Mamavation Detox and Weight Loss Boot Camp. Yep, that's right, I'm entrusting this mind and body to the good people over at Mamavation.
Hazing has begun and even though my body shakes and drips with sweat, I feel strong. I've always enjoyed a challenge but even more so simply completely the challenge. It's that old runner's saying, "on your first race, just enjoy the accomplishment of finishing. Don't ever worry about the time, that can come later, just bask in the simple act of doing...." And that's what I'm concentrating on here.

There will only be three women chosen during this campaign and yet, I want to focus more on the journey and the friendships that I hope to build, rather than on that one decision. In my mind, we are all a part of the Mamavation Family, with every little burpee, encouragement, and drip of sweat we enjoy. So, join me on my journey, sweat along side with me, and we'll bask in simple act of doing....

You can follow and join all the Ladies on the Mamavation Fan Page. Share your love and encouragement!!
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