Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#AlwaysTell Twitter Party with Mamavation: What's in Your Feminine Products

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Feminine Products Twitter Party with Mamavation

Have you ever wondered what materials make up your pad and/or tampon?  

I've thought about it but the thought enters and leaves my mind so quickly that I've never really set down and looked for an ingredient list. And yet, when I did go to look for that list, nadda, nothing, it's as if they are simply made out of love and fluff and nothing more. Right??

But come on, we're talking my Lady Bits, my Love Box, my Most Precious...I wanna know what I'm puttin' next to that Girl.

And thanks to Naturally Savvy and Mamavation, a Twitter Party will be a great way to bring attention to Proctor and Gamble, illustrating the need to list ingredients, shared by the consumers. So, join us and have your voice heard!

Hashtag: #AlwaysTell
When: Tuesday, February 11
Time: 6 - 7:30 PST / 9 - 10:30 EST

But don't rush off just yet, you can also Sign The Petition!

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