Sunday, February 16, 2014

Clean Air and Water

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We all know the importance of clean air and water, but sometimes I wonder if I take it all for granted, trusting that if something was wrong, my local government would step in and correct it all, right? Not to bust any bubbles, but remember what recently happened to the 3,000 people effected by contaminated water in West Virginia

PUR NEW AdvancedPlus Faucet Water Filter – Stainless Steel Style Now, the EPA does regulate and require all public water to be tested and treated for contaminants, but I like to take it a bit further and use a water filter on our kitchen facet sink. Ideally, I'd love a home filter system that would filter all water since we know that 60% of what comes in contact with our skin is absorbed into the body, which means that water used for bathing, brushing teeth, and even cleaning can pose a danger when the water is highly toxic, but for now I'm happy with my PUR Water Filter. It's reasonably priced, around $40 and the cartridges need to be replaced about every 2 months, running around $20. In the past, I have had to replace our facet filters about once every year to year-and-a-half, simply due to the break down of the filter itself, it tends to develop leaks around the spout and such just from basic use. 

And in regards to air quality, I've recently learned through Mamavation that our indoor air quality is 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Why you ask? It's pretty much the offgassing that's done from all the products within a home, releasing toxic chemicals (carpets, mattresses, furniture, etc.), as well as the fact that we typically don't air out our home environment so the air settles and can actually develop into a toxic fog. YUCK! The best way to rid toxins from your home is to simply open a couple of windows, five minutes a day. Ceiling fans are also a great way to keep air circulating, especially in the bedrooms where gasses from mattresses/pillows can settle over sleeping children/family members. 

And, you know Good Ole Mother Nature also has a wonderful cure for pollution...plants! I love that particular plants can actually clean up air quality as well as brighten up a room. And even thought it's not really plant season at most hardware stores, you can actually order plants through Amazon for only a few bucks a piece. 

Houseplants That Clean The Air:
1. Heartleaf Philodendron
2. Elephant ear Philodendron
3. Massangeana, Janet Craig, and Warneckii
4. English Ivy
5. Spider Plant
6. Weeping Fig
7. Golden Pothos
8. Mauna Loa Peace Lily
9. Selloum Philodendron
10. Chinese evergreen
11. Bamboo or Reed Palm
12. Snake Plant or Mother in Law's Tongue
13. Red-edge Dracaena
14. Gerbera Daisy
*List provided by Mamavation Ebook

Also remember to check out the Mamavation Google+ Hangout for great information on Removing Toxins from Air & Water. You can join in on the discussion, live, as well as cheer on the Mamavation Moms during our weekly hazing! It's a blast that brings entertainment as well as life changing information!

Register here: Mamavation Google+ Hangout

What tips do you have for cleaning water and air? 

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