Thursday, February 20, 2014

{Review} Talking Anya Dressup & Pet Puppies

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iPhone Screenshot 1I recently downloaded the Talking Anya Dressup & Pet Puppies, a FREE Universal App for the iPhone/iPad. And I must say, my 4 year old daughter truly enjoys the variety of activities with Talking Anya. From dress up, teaching your puppy new tricks, popping bubbles, to even hearing Anya repeat your phases, this app keeps my daughter entertained as well as providing her with an outlet for creativity.

Talking Anya features 5 adorable puppies for play, the opportunity to dress up as a princess, fairy, lady bug, bee, or witch, as well as the capability to play with a free by joining two iphones/ipads together for a muli-player game.

I also love the "Parent" tab which allows you to monitor which photos are shared through email, Facebook, and/or Twitter. You also control which pack your child gets to download. The initial game is free with additional packs to purchase around $1.99.

You can check out Talking Anya Dressup & Pet Puppies  through itunes.

What apps do you and your kids love?

Nikita is the founder at Sprite Kids. She has a Masters in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Chicago with a specialization in 3D Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics. Nikita loves combining technology and art to create beautiful experiences. 

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