Sunday, March 2, 2014

An Official #Mamavation Graduate

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After finishing my Mamavation 5K yesterday, I have official joined the ranks of the Mamavation Graduates. It was seriously an amazing campaign. Within 7 short weeks I gained enormous information in regards to nutrition and fitness. I now shop differently by reading labels and educating myself on the benefits of different foods, as well as understanding the importants of every single substance I bring into my home.

Photo: An awesome #mamavation5k! Ran UNDER my avg 12 min/mi. 36:24! @mrbookieboo @pirate1013 @lumpytoleandeeI have also made some wonderful friendships that will continue to grow along this journey. And...I removed 4 pounds and 13.5 inches!!!!! That, my friends, is the beginning of a body transformation!!!

Overall, I'm walking away as a new woman, an empowered woman, realizing that all the changes that I made along the way were my doing. Mamavation certainly educated me and planted the seeds of change, but it was my follow through that has lead to this success. :)

So many new beginnings to look forward to and so many new changes. I am more than grateful for the opportunity I've been given. If you would like to change your life, check out and join the adventure!

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