Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Less Stress More Calm

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selftalkI love the title to this week's Mamavation Blogging Carnival, Less Stress More Calm. I certainly could use a bit more calm in my life. :) I don't think that I can't handle the stress, it's just more that I use negative self-talk a bit too much, and there's just nothing good or healthy that can come from that.

I was happy to see that Mamavation was hosting a hangout this past Monday with Beverly D. Flaxington, author of Self-Talk for a Calmer You. I don't know anyone who couldn't benefit from this book! As a person who has endured years of anxiety, I plan to read this book from beginning to end, taking plenty of notes. :)

I also realize that this negative self-talk is typically a learned behavior and I certainly don't want my children to pick up the habit. I want them to be able to monitor their own thoughts and correct them with positive self talk when they need. As a parent, I feel it's my responsibility to acquire the tools that can one day positively impact the rest of the family. 

Thanks, Mamavation, for sharing such awesome, much needed info! And remember you can still watch the Mamavation Hangout, Less Stress More Calm, check it out now!. 
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