Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mamavation Slumber Party

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Mamavation has brought new meaning to my life. For the first time in a long time I'm back on track with my fitness and nutrition, and let me just say how truly awesome it feels to be back. 

One recent gain I've experienced is seen through my running. By combining weight training and cardio, I've seen an improvement in my pace, endurance, distance, as well as recovery time. Up until this point I was a 12-13 min/mi runner. I typically could run for several minutes and then would need a walk break before continuing the run, which typically only lasted roughly 3 miles on a good day. And yet in just two short months my pace is up to a 10-12 min/mi, my walk breaks last around 30 seconds, and just yesterday I got in 5 miles, right at an hour. The difference is dramatic, and I'm happy to say, I'm now truly feeling like a runner. 

I've even taken on the goal of running 14 races this year. I've finished one and I'm scheduled for my next in April. And as excited as I am to run my traditional Chickamauga Chase 5k, my first ever road race back in 2010, I'm even more thrilled to register for the 2014 Battle For Chattanooga Metal. I've yet to receive a running metal, and the thought of finishing the required 4 races, one of which will be a half marathon, is simply a dream come true. I've thought about running those 13 miles for the past 4 years and I would love to see that happen this November. 

But simply wishing and hoping doesn't make it so, it takes a plan and dedication. So each week I will write out my weekly training log, drink my 4 liters of water a day, and count all those damn calories because it's worth it to me to finish this goal. Thanks to Mamavation and my team mates, I now know I have the strength and knowledge to make it happen.

This Week's Workout:
Monday: Core, 10k steps
Tuesday: Mama Guns, 30 minute run
Wednesday: 10k steps
Thursday: Core, 30 minute run
Friday: Mama Guns, 10k steps
Saturday: Cardio - 5 mile run
Sunday: Rest

Daily Nutrition:
1400-1600 calories
4 liters of water
protein & fiber with every meal

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