Sunday, June 1, 2014

BlueCross Riverbend 10k Run

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My mom passed away almost 8 years ago, and from that moment on my life has been different. There have been plenty of wonderful times and plenty of heartbreak since her passing. I miss her daily. I think of her often. And as I was flipping through different local races I realized there was one coming up on what would have been her 60th birthday, this coming Saturday.

As I went to the registration page I realized I could choose the 5k (my most familiar) or the 10k race. I instantly googled the distance of a 10k (6.2 miles), and realized a couple of months ago I had started running 6.5 miles on my long runs. It was never a continuous run and it usually took me about 1.5 hours but I did it several times, none the less. So, why not now? Why not sign up and run the 10k this weekend? 

My right brain has several reasons why I shouldn't: 
  • your plantar fasciitis will flare up
  • you may experience another asthma attack 
  • you'll get too tired
  • you know running with Sean will only frustrate you
  • you're not a good enough runner for a 10k
  • you're too overweight - the other runners will be slender and fast. 
On and on my brain could go with reasons of why I shouldn't run that race.

And then I ask my heart, 'why should I run the 10k?' 
  • Because you can. 
  • Because it would be a wonderful way to honor your Mother on her birthday. 
  • Because you would enjoy the accomplishment of finishing a 10k. 
  • Because you'll get to put that damn 10k decal on your car window. 
  • Because you have a goal to run a half marathon in November and this would be good experience. 
  • Because you are a runner and you have enough knowledge and strength to make it happen. 
  • Because fear is not a good enough reason to not run. 
  • Prepare yourself and enjoy the race.

I discovered Jeff Galloway when I first began running, back in 2010. I loved his walk/run program for it afforded me the opportunity of running longer distances while maintaining a faster pace. Now, to be honest with you, I feel a true, blue runner can run any and all distances, at a 9 min/mi pace, without ever taking a walk break. But as I grow and learn as a runner, I'm coming to understand that my way may not be my ideal way but it still get's the job done. 

There is no shame in a walk/run run. None. 

And it's time I accept that and focus on the advantages of what a walk/run program can offer me for a 10k race. 

So, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna register for the race. I'm gonna spend my week working on my plantar fasciitis exercises, hydrating, and picking out my run outfit for the race. I'm then going to visual my run, over and over again, seeing myself successfully and happily finish the race. And whatever time I cross the finish line with will be good enough for me. This year is about personal acceptance, self love, and growth. 

Thanks, Mom, for giving me the courage to try new things and for always telling me, "you can do anything..." I'm gonna give it a go and see where I end up. :)

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