Friday, March 20, 2009

Up Again

So, here I am up about 30 minutes and already the "baby" pressure waves begin every 10 minutes like clock work. Yesterday was a thrilling day with several waves coming between every 3 to 5 minutes but then they would settle back down to 10 minutes apart again.

I' ve been doing the nipple stimulation, sorry for those who arent interested, and they seem to increase the waves but I still cant get a pattern going of closer than the 10 minutes. The awesome aspect is that I know my body made some more progress yesterday. It was seriously a whole days worth or belly work outs which I so know affected my cervix in some way.

Actually, yesterday was the first day that I was tempted to call Caroyln and tell her we were on our way, but again, everything slowed back down. I told Sean again that if we would have gone to the hospital they would have hooked me up on pitocin and we probably would have a baby now. I dont know, maybe even Carloyn would have given me something if we would have gone over to her house, but I'm not ready to be induced just yet. I think this slow way, for now, is making progress and I know the baby isnt stressed since it played all day yesterday. :)

Abbey reminded me the other day that since I was now 1 cm dialated then that was 1 cm I didnt have to labor through which really put into perspective how I want this birth to go. I'd rather work a little longer on the beginning than stress through it in "active labor".

*sighs* But, I am so ready to meet my baby. :)
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