Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!

So, today is Earth Day, which means we're to take a little moment and do something good for the earth: reduce/reuse/recycle. For those of you who are already doing these things, yeah! And for those of you who are not, *shakes head in disgust*. Actually, I'm totally not a good earth dweller.

I use to be.

When I was a kid I always had paper grocery bags set up everywhere so that me and my family could recyle EVERYTHING. However, I didnt drive at that time and so I was never bothered with the responsibilty of actually getting the stuff to the recyclable place. Now, on the other hand, when I try to recycle all my stuff, which is actually trash, it gets stored downstairs in some back room where it turns into a dump rather than just taking the time to take it in and get it disposed of.

So, this year, I jumped on the bandwagon quick, and by Monday I was down at the recyling place with my huge cardboard box from the awesome family swing that I'd gotten this past weekend, and I was hurling it into the huge, waiting to smash my cardboard and any other item that may get accidently thrown in, big-green-smooshing-maching. :) I actually didnt get to see it smoosh, but I've seen it before and its cool.

Also, I must say I've been enjoying all the hype that Earth Day is receiving. I mean, theres a movie out today called Earth, which I'd love to go see. Nick is doing a lights off minute tonight, I think, at 9:00, which really is when the kids lights should go off anyway since its a school night. But, we'll give props to Nick for making a commerical to help kids learn about conservation. And then Wal-Mart has some awesome info commercials. And I'm calling them info cause they are jam packed with bits of info on how to help the Earth. Also, I love how they call us all Wal-Mart shoppers, that just totally puts me in this place of "groupism" and that I'm a part of something big cause I helped save a trillion barrels of oil cause I switched to blah, blah, blah, I really cant remember anymore. But still, I enjoy them. :)

Anyway, I have a walk planned this afternoon and I'm lookin' forward to it. Also, I wish this site hasd a word counter cause I would love to see how many I've used in this post as well as commas. I seem to have reinvented the use of them today. :)
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