Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So, maybe I freaked out a bit yesterday. Maybe. :)

I checked Maddie's room, pulling the carpet up in an area and realized there was no mold in her room, that line is actually dirt, which is gross in itself, but still, its not harmful.

I'm heading to Memphis on Thursday so we wont be gone as long. Daddy just couldnt stand the idea of being without his baby girl for so long. :)

And, below are just some pics of the family, in which I'm madly in love with. And another :)

This is Madison's first toy to play with. I believe infants only need people to interact with in the first few months and then later I intend on introducing more toys. Anyway, this baby doll was my baby doll. I dont remember playing with it but when I ran across it, I gave it a good wash, and here is Maddie, sleeping with her new friend...Lucy. :)

Jeremy is being a rebel child and has decided to sleep on the couch the WHOLE summer. :)

And our bird, Rod, socializing this morning. :)

Austin, talking to someone, with Madison hanging out, enjoying his company. This is, I think, the third time Austin has physically held his sister. :)

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