Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh, my belly hurts!

I've been off work for 15 weeks now and what a blessing its been.

I return back to work next Monday, only 7 days from today, and my stomach is so torn up over it. I actually couldnt sleep last night thinking about the fact that I'd be going back.

First of all, I love my job. I get so much satisfaction from working with those kids. I've seen babies make milestones that no one thought would be possible. :) However, I've also seen several babies go back to be with God.

Siskin is an amazing school, and I am so grateful to be working there. I just cant believe my time with Maddie will be over. No, no, no, I should view it a different way. Our lives are just changing. I'll get to share Madison with all those people I love at work. I know I'll hear stories all day from the therapists who go into her room, and I'll be able to play with her on the playground, twice a day, and I can even see her on my lunch break.

Oh, but still, I have truly enjoyed this time off. :)

Thursday is graduation day and I'll be going to see all my kids do their little performance. :) Hopefully, just being back there will relieve some of this anxiety.
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