Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 1 of 10

Well, the day was long and its just about finished.

These two classes are pretty hectic and I'm already overwhelmed with everything, but, I think I'll make it through.

Maddie did fine without seeing me today. I was able to pick her up around 3:00 which is our normal time to leave. I did have some issues with pumping today. It seems lefty doesnt want to give up anything while out in public. I really wish all public buildings had a nice, cozy nursing room provided for the public. I actually ended up, shamefully, in the bathroom to pump my milk. I really thing psychologically if I cant relax then I'm not gonna be able to provide enough milk to maintain Maddie's feeding schedule. I might half a formula and milk bottle tomorrow for school to see how she does. 1/3 of my saved supply is gone and if she's drinking 4 bottles while at school and I'm only able to pump 2 a day, well then, I'm gonna run out soon enough. Next month we start cereal so maybe that will slow the supply down. We shall see.
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