Monday, July 13, 2009

I was practically in tears

I was practically in tears as I read my assistive technology homework last night. I am so grateful to have healthy kids. I love what I do at work, but I just couldnt imagine the pain and struggle of having a child with special needs. My heart goes out to my parents.

On a brighter note, this weekend was great. Papa J and Nonna came down as well as Matt and Josh and we all celebrated Jeremy's 7th birthday. :) We went over to the local goony golf, road race cars, ate cake, and such.

Oh, and Maddie got her first professional pics done as well this weekend. She did a great job sitting there for the lady. She never once got upset, which I was so happy about. I also had one of her pics done in my christianing gown. Speaking of which, I'm really ready to dedicate Maddie to the church family. I dont want to necessarily baptise her, since I want her to make that decision. I didnt get the choice as a baby/child, and it was a bit dificult for me as an adult when I was ready to be baptized. Anyway, long story, but still, keep us in your prayers about joining the church and dedicating Maddie, as well as the boys spiritual guidance.
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