Monday, September 14, 2009

Her latest trick, running under the couch...

Maddie started saying "ba, ba" or "da, da" yesterday. They are so close that I cant tell. Of course I sing to her, "da, da, da" and "ma, ma, ma" songs and she finds them hilarious. And, her newest trick (pictured above), running under the couch. Seriously.

So, yesterday I would lay her down on the floor and would go grab something from the kitchen or so. Now, our kitchen, dinning room and living room are all one big room so its not like I'm leaving her anywhere to go grab a drink, but this time when I came back she had scooted herself under the couch where just her head was sticking out. It happened again, later. This time I specifically placed her on her tummy facing one of her toys, completely in a different direction than the previous time since I did NOT want her squirming her way under the couch again. OMG! I went out to get Jeremy, her daddy was sitting in the dinning room, not more than 10 feet from her, and when I popped back into the house, came up the stairs, and said, "where's Maddie!" I could hear her babbling but couldnt see her. I just knew Sean had her, since they like to play "hide from momma when she comes back," but instead, she was back under the couch!!!! (again with her head sticking out)

Needless to say, I did not lay her back down on her tummy the rest of the afternoon/night. Instead, I had her daddy hold her if I needed to go pee, get a drink, make a phone call or what not...little girl WAS NOT going to running away and hide from me again. :)

Seriously, folks, I was scared of losing my baby under furniture. I told Sean that if she'd made her way all the way under, then the couch would have been gone, that day, right then, so that it would NEVER happen again. :)
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