Saturday, October 3, 2009

Flu Vaccine

Below is part of an article I just read from the Dr. Sears website in regards to the flu vaccines. Please read and educate yourself if you're bothered by these words.

"I’ve heard that the last swine flu vaccine caused a really bad reaction called GBS? What about THIS swine flu vaccine?
Every product insert for this new vaccine discusses this issue from 1976 in which the old swine flu vaccine caused a higher rate of GBS (weakness and paralysis reaction) than expected, so they stopped using it. That was a completely different strain of the swine flu than what we have today. Plus, that vaccine was made much differently than how they are made today. So, I see no correlation between the risk of GBS from that old vaccine and the current one.Having said that, everyone needs to be aware that ANY flu vaccine poses a very small risk of a GBS reaction. Although I don’t think this new vaccine has an increased risk, what I DO worry about is that infants will be getting FOUR (count them, FOUR) flu vaccines this year – two doses of the regular one, and two doses of the swine flu vaccine. That’s unprecedented. We’ve never given anyone four doses of a flu vaccine in one year. There is no way to predict what the side effects might be.

What about pregnant and or nursing mothers?
This is a little scary. The flu shots are ALREADY recommended for pregnant and nursing moms, BUT (and this is a really huge but) the vaccine product inserts make it very clear that the regular flu vaccines have never been tested on pregnant or nursing women to determine if there is any harm to fetuses or young babies (with one exception – the ­­­­Flumist nasal spray brand did have some testing in this area, BUT not enough, as is stated in the product insert).Despite this complete lack of research, it is recommended for these moms anyway. Anyone see a problem with that?If you do get a flu shot, at least make sure it is mercury free (or at least only TRACE mercury)."
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