Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Flu *updated with edits*

As I sat in the ER.

Thursday started with a little throat tickle. Friday I began to cough a bit. Saturday I was having trouble breathing.

Doc: whats going on?
Me: my throat's sore *gasps*, I've got a cough *gasps*, but mainly its just hard to breath*gasps*.

He listens to my lungs.

Doc: Good, your lungs are clear. How long has this been going on?
Me: This is the third day.
Doc.: I wish you would have come in earlier. You have the flu.
Me: But I dont feel bad! I just cant believe I have the flu!!

He just stares at me. Then he begins checking my ears.

Doc.: any body aches?
Me: some...
Doc: then you have the flu
Me: but I have a 6 months old at home!

Maybe now it would click with him that I couldnt have the flu. I was a mother and the flu just wasnt something you bring home with dinner.

Doc: are you breastfeeding?
Me: yes
Doc: good. We'll there's really nothing we can do for ya. Wait, are you having a hard time breathing?
Me: only *gasps* when I talk *gasps* or lay down.
Doc: you may be a candidate for pneumonia.

I always thought candidate was a good word until it gets linked with pneumonia. Are all patients candidates for something and I've just never been aware of it? This really changes my idea of the word. Seriously.

Doc: lets do a chest x-ray

We did the x-ray and my lungs were clear. I was put on an antibiotic for severe bronchitis. It's actually the worse case I've ever had, so bad that after being at work for about 15 mintues I realized I'd have to leave cause chasing kids and talking to parents was not going to cut it for me today.

I've brought home some work and my baby girl. I'm still on the look out for any signs/symptoms she may be coming down with the flu. And for anyone's info, I never ran a fever and never felt terribly bad. The breathing did/does kick my butt, so I wont say its a teeny-tiny virus that doesnt deserve a good hand washing to avoid. I'm just hoping the antibodies I'm creating in my milk will help Maddie
fight against it or help if she does get it.
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