Saturday, October 3, 2009

I dont have time to be sick!

I was to be at work right now. Instead I'm sitting here *coughing*, *waiting*, and feeling drained.

I dont have time to be sick! I have tons of things to get done at work!

The appointment this morning:
Doc: we dont take this insurance
Me: Ok, then how much is it without insurance?
Doc: $62, but it can get pricing with testing
Me: ok
Doc: what's going on?
Me: sore throat, hard to breath, ear hurts some
Doc: its gonna get too expensive to test for the flu, strep...
*I interupt*
Me: I dont have the flu. I dont have strep. I'm not running a fever. It's just hard for me to breath and mainly at night.
Doc: well then, I'm gonna need to refer you out. You need to go to the ER or maybe Physicans Care.
Me: I'm not going to the ER
I smile and walk out....

I go by Physicans Care and there are at least 25 zombies lined up outside the door. I park, walk up to the line, and stand behind a woman zombie who's decided to smoke. Well, what can I say, she is outside, right? But in my head I'm screaming, "I cant breath, Lady! Please, I'm dying here!!!" I smile at her. :)

I get back in my car to call Maddie's pedi to see what over the counter meds I can take while breastfeeding. I'm on hold for 15 minutes. I hang up and go inside to a pharmacy instead. I pick up Mucinex, and the woman at the register hopes I feel better soon. I try to convience her that I just sound bad, as she tries not to touch my hand while handing me the receipt. I smile and walk away.

Greg calls me to inform me that he's taking Jeremy to the doctor and then wants to drop him off afterwards so he can make a vols game. We argue. I drive home. Sean and Maddie are now at the Verizon store since Sean's phone is broken.

I should be at work, but I'm not. My kids, my husband, and even my healthy have come first, yet I'm not happy about it. I feel unproductive. Please, Lord, give me the peace I need as I turn this all over to you. Heal my body. Protect my kids. Help my husband make the right financial decisions. And help me to understand work can always wait.
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