Saturday, October 3, 2009

How Do Ya Do It?

The beautiful antique bed/guest bedroom with it's usual attire. I usually dump the clean clothes here and then begin separating as another load runs.

How do you do it, moms and dads? How do you keep a house running, keep the kids clean, safe, alive and happy, keep the romance going, and hold down a career?? I need more organization in my life, and yet, I'm happy without it. I know I'd get more things done. I know I'd be more effective and effiecient with my life if it was more organized, but how to change is the real problem.

God, thats the only way to do it. I can read books after books after books, but until I bring God up into then I'm only setting myself up for failure. And, while I'm praying for more organization I also need to include some patience in there as well.

*takes a moment to stare at screaming bird.*

I know the clothes will get done and life will run as smoothly as it can, but overall I'm ready for some maturity and growth. Poor hubby, I'm not so sure he's ready, though. :)
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