Monday, November 9, 2009

Brugo, On My Wish List

I am a certified connnisseur of coffee and tea. My world seriously consists of 24 oz. BPA free water bottles, coffee cups, and tea bags. You can find me weekly cruising the dairy/milk aisle, contimplating my next de-lish creamer. So, this weekend when I came across Monkey Toes giveaway of a Brugo coffee mug, I jumped on the band wagon and began tweeting and posting.

I'm now blogging about this great product for one: to let my family and friends know of my desire to own the cup and two: to get one more entry into the giveaway. :) Now, what makes this product so grand is the 3 setting options: lock, sip, and tilt/cool. And it's this tilt and cool option that has me all twinkled toed about Brugo! It's the first coffee mug ever to allow you to tilk, collect a small amount of coffee, and allow it to cool, and then sip and enjoy all the goodness. They come in a multitude of stylish colors as well as a manage price of only $19.95.

So, lets recap: Brugo is the greatest, Monkey Toes is offering an awesome give-away, and I'd like to own about 3 of these mugs. :)
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