Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Mind

My mind is a dangerous place, or so it seems at times. I lie in bed, thinking about emails, my to-do list, cleaning the house, family, God, everything. Actually, whats the coolest is when I wake myself up singing praise songs. I always smile and thank the Lord for placing this love for Him in my heart. :)

I was thinking about applying at the new VW plant. The commerical says it pays well, and I've known others who've worked for car companies and seemed to have a decent job. :) And then I asked myself if I could stand at an assembly line all day and then realized I'd enjoy it if I could take my iPod and, again, just listen to praise music all day. I'd be all up in my own little church. :)

I get the chance to read my bible as I pump my milk at work. I discovered that I actually couldnt use my hands for anything so why not do something productive with my brain/soul, right? I've just finshed Matthew and started on Mark yesterday. I then realized that in a few short months I'll no longer need to pump and my 10 minutes of reading will be gone. 10 minutes, can you believe that?! That is way too short. And now going back to the story, then I smiled and told myself, "well, self, you could always just continue to read while youre on your lunch break." What a great idea!!! Thank you, Lord. :)

You know this post started off with a very different idea behind it, yet the good Lord took control and now I'm ending it in peace and with a smile. Enjoy your day, bless a friend/foe, and know you're always loved!
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