Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

And, here I sit, waiting. For what you ask? Well, that's my business, but none the less I will share with you my face as I wait. I wasn't upset or anything but merely entertained at how long some things take in life.

And, I was also entertained that I was thinking of Wordless Wednesday while I waited.

Wow, have you ever just sat and looked at a pic of yourself. I've already thought of about 10 different things I'd like to do with my face and yet by doing them all I lose me. I'd totally rearrange myself into someone different. So, no, here I am, me, and even though I could sit and critize it all, I'll not, I'll appreciate myself instead and realize I'm loved and enjoyed by many. :)

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Eve! Got your shopping list done? I still have a few items to pick up, so away we go. :)
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