Thursday, January 28, 2010

75 Things About Me

The following information will not change the world, nor feel you with great insight. Just a moment in time to share with you. :)

1. I love Jesus, my lord and savior.

2. My family is my life. I have three beautiful children, ranging from ages of 16 to 10 months.

3. I am an Early Intervention Specialist working with kids with and without disabilities. I love my job, it touches my soul.

4. I am a student at heart, always wanting to learn more.

5. I plan on graduating with my Masters in Special Education either in Dec. '10 or May '11. I will receive my lincensure for teaching this Summer of 2010.

6. I rarely shave my legs in the winter time, and, surprisingly, they never get very hairy.

7. I pop my toes while watching tv, without touching them. I'm sure it can be annoying to some, but no one has ever even seemed to have noticed.

8. I struggle with anxiety and panic.

9. I love the Spring.

10. I love being outside when it's not too cold.

11. I do not like the cold.

12. I love cutting the grass.

13. I love the smell of freshly cut grass.

14. I'm boycotting tv. And yet I occassionaly watch a show here and there.

15. I love being a mom.

16. It's harder for me to be a wife. I'm more of a loner. Living with another adult can be hard for me at times. I like my world my way and compromising is not always my best trait.

17. I've been married 3 times. Some will judge me. Some will shame me. Honestly, I don't care.

18. I have been known by 4 last names. Are we considering this a split personality? :)

19. I have an undergraduate degree in psychology. I love the study of people.

20. I am facinated by the human body.

21. I teeter on the edge of feminism, liberaism, and other "isms" I'm not aware of at the moment.

22. I was raised an only child and therefore am spoiled.

23. I love working out, but hate pain.

24. I once had a great body. I'm currently trying to find it. :)

25. My favorite professions are: teaching, midwifery, postal worker, and garbage collector. Seriously, I'd love to try my hand in each of these.

26. When I retire, I'm gonna read lots and lots of books.

27. I used to love running in the rain. I haven't ran in almost 10 years. I now love hiking.

28. I drink coffee daily.

29. I drink lots of water daily.

30. I have a love/hate relationship toward Zombies.

31. I read my bible daily while pumping breast milk.

32. I'm 32 years old.

33. I didn't realize writing 75 things about myself would take so much thought and time.

34. I enjoy flowers.

35. I love the taste of organic bananas.

36. I've just recently become a fan of sushi.

37. I really feel small and inadequate that I don't have anything life changing to share with you.

38. I enjoy blogging.

39. My latest hobby is reviewing products and hosting giveaways. It's having to take a back seat at the moment to school work, though.

40. I've always wanted to be a photographer.

41. I've wondered before how my life would have turned out if I hadn't had kids. Would I be single? Would I live in a big city? The answer to these are probably both yes. Would I give up what I have now to do those things? Never!

42. My mouth can be extremely mean if not kept in check.

43. Sadly, I judge people. And sometimes I think I'm better than others. I have an inflated ego. I am not proud of this and ask God to work on me daily.

44. I have been a co-sleeper with all my children even though I set out with the strongest convictions to never do it.

45. I think the human race is a lazy sort of bunch.

46. I'm entertained by the British accent.

47. I do not like plane flights. There is something wrong with being 30,000 thousand feet in the air and not being a bird.

48. I've never been on a cruise, would love to go, but feel I'd spend my time sea sick.

49. My mother passed away 3 years ago and there are some moments that I'd give anything to touch her again, just to talk to her one last time.

50. I am hard core stubborn and when I want something I don't stop until it's mine. We may even call this a bit obsessive. :)

51. I'm a bit impatient.

52. I like what I see when I look in the mirror.

53. I wish the world was different: no pain, no sorrow, and no false belief in financial security.

54. I wake up around 5:00 am every morning, wanting to or not.

55. I have bad knees and always have.

56. I've never had a cavity.

57. I sometimes wonder if I will ever truly grow up.

58. I'm now wondering who, if any, has actually made it this far in their reading.

59. I am annoyed by farts.

60. I could really use a maid but I'd feel terrible having someone else clean up my mess.

61. I am madly in love with my husband, and even though it seems to sometimes go against my nature, I can't see my life without him.

62. I look at old couples and smile, daydreaming of walking around a park with my husband when we're old and wriggly.

63. I feel completely overwhelmed and stressed at the moment with family, work, and school, but it's an adventure that I'd never want to change.

64. I can usually always find the positive side of anything.

65. I can't stand rejection and will almost go out of my way to avoid it.

66. I work to please, and receive great satisfaction simply in a job well done.

67. I often wonder what life would be like with millions but have never wanted to actually pursue the idea of having it.

68. My daughter is 10 months old today, and I can't believe this time has flown by so quickly.

69. I enjoy burning candles and will usually have at least one type of smell good item in my house at all times. There is just something grand about creating a peaceful environment through scents.

70. I sometimes get hooked on words. If you ever sit with me in a workshop you'll notice that I make a list of all the words I like. It's sad and creepy sometimes that I actually categorize the English language.

71. I wish I was more organized and actually plan to spend this whole year decluttering myself.

72. I love my friends. I'm more of a homebody, but there's just something great about spending time with people who help ya smile.

73. If I had one of those awesome cell phones I'd lose my job for constant texting. Seriously. I'd twitter my heart content. And really just twitter about absolutely nothing and still be happy with it. :)

74. I begin another spin class tonight. I'm looking forward to the pain, even though I don't like pain, but to be able to ride a bike for a good 45 minutes, well, that's more like superhero pain. :)

75. I now declare myself a superhero!

idea borrowed from Queen Of The Click
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