Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, It's That Day!

The following post is about my body, read with caution!

And, it's that wonderful womanly doctor appointment day today. You know the one. :) I seriously looked at my husband last night in between cooking dinner, helping my son with his homework, and getting bottles washed for the next day, to ask if he thought my gyno would be insulted if I didn't shave my legs. :) Sean squished up his face and was like, "I wouldn't even care." And then I went well, "blah, blah, blah, would you want hairy legs up in your face???" And again he said, "I really don't think he's gonna care!"

So, there you have it. I did not shave my legs. In the 16 years I've been going to see a doctor, I've always wanted to present myself as lady like as I could, until now..... :) Ohhhhhhhhhh, wait just a moment. Did I just say to be lady like you must shave your legs?? Oh, my Woman's Study Professor would fall over dead at that statement. Did I not learn anything about feminism while taking that class? Well, yes I did. And, now I proudly walk around hairy. :) is too short to do anything less!

*and then the power went out*

I was standing there brushing my teeth, running my shower, just about ready to jump in when it went black. I instantly thanked the Lord I wasn't standing in the shower when this happened, for I so know I would have killed myself trying to get out. :)

I ran in there to Sean and was like, "the power's out and I need a shower!" He said to grab a candle and just take it anyway. "Yeah!" And then I realized it was gonna be 20 degrees outside and I'd have wet hair, so I did the next best thing, I bathed at my sink, by candle light. :)

Jeremy then got up and got dressed by a candle, having a good time with it. Maddie got up and got dressed by the candle. I made my lunch and breakfast by a candle, everything we did was done by candlelight, and it worked out really well. :)

I ran by the doctors, grabbed and IUD, and talked in length about the ruptured ovarian cyst. He explained that the fluid from the cyst isn't absorbed back into the body so it can just sit there, causing pain. He said that if my cramping and such doesn't go away to let him know and they can go in and remove the fluid.

I drove home in pain. Serious pain. To place an IUD in the uterus you must first measure the uterus which means you must touch the top of it, causing cramps. Well, in my case, I think he caused a flood of contractions! He gave me a prescription for pain, one in which I could take and still breastfeed, and four hours later, I finally was having some relief.

Yeah, this week has been a bit...painful. Sean was great though. He's still working on the flooded back room, cooked me dinner, bought me a wireless router, and pampered me while I moaned and groaned and swore my body was rejecting this little copper device and I'd find it later floating nicely in the toilet. As far as I know, it's still where it should be. :)

Enjoy your day, people. I am!
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