Saturday, February 6, 2010

What A Great and Exciting Day!

Hey there, how are ya?!

Me? Well, just lovely thank you. :)

I've been working on being more food conscious for the last three weeks to which I have managed to remove a pound...not exactly a big city marching down the streets moment, but hey, I was still happy. :) So, it's now time to kick this body in gear and get back into working out.

As you may have noticed, I've placed a link to my SparkPeople page on the upper right hand side of my site, it's there if you ever want to jump over and join me on the greatest fitness/health site ever.'s FREE! And, speaking of fitness, I'm happily awaiting my spin class this morning. I tell ya, working full time, having beautiful children, and going to school takes a great amount of time and seriously does not leave you much left for work outs, but I gotta try, right? Right! I'm not a quiter and I'm all about the underdog, I'm just impatient and distractable...I seriously need a game plan.

In other news, Jeremy's tests scores have fallen again and I spoke a little with his teacher yesterday. I'll be sending in a formal request for testing and his father and I will be writing out a structured plan for both our homes, the same structured plans. Jeremy needs boundaries and expectations and he needs to understand them both. Your prayers are greatly needed and appreciated. We'll get it done, though, there's nothing else to do but see it through tit the end. Right? Yep, gotta run that race. :)

And, speaking of racing, it looks as if there just might be a treadmill in my sights. I left a message on my Spark Page yesterday and received a message about whether or not I'd like to have one that a local group member has. I was extremely over joyed, so much so that I called my hubby and said, "I think we're gonna get a treadmill!" To which he repeated,"what, you're pregnant!!!" My response, "treadmill....." His response, "yeah, I heard treadmill." :) I graduate with my Master's in Dec. and that is all I'll publicly say at the moment in regards to more babies. :)
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