Friday, May 14, 2010

And, So We Finally Made It To Friday

I am so happy to see Friday; this week has been pretty busy for this household. With Jeremy started Karate a week ago, my after work hours have been pretty full with workouts, karate practice, and soccer practice. Today we have nothing planned and I am thrilled. :)

Oh, and some very exciting news on the my-house-is-falling-apart-should-I-fix front, our dishwasher has sadly been going out, and we were trying to decide if and when we should replace it. Carly, my dear friend and co-worker's mother is re-doing her kitchen and said she'd sell us her dishwasher for $50. Yipeee! I know, a dishwasher is so simple yet hand washing dishes does require fitting more time into a busy schedule and taking it away from kids and family. Overall, it's been a great humbling experience. I did NOT throw a fit and threaten to slash anyone's tires for not taking on their landlording responsibilities like usual. I am the Lord. :)

Before I go, remember tomorrow is a big day, and I plan on documenting all we do in pictures. I also plan on creating a new blog to do it in. I'll link to it when I get it up and running. Keep us in your prayers that God is always leading!
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