Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 2 of 30 Day Shred!

And, I've now completed day 2!

I skipped a day in between my workouts. I discovered by the end of Day 1 I was pretty sore and woke up repeatedly chanting, "microfiber tears," which is what happens when you work your muscles. It's those tears that cause the muscle to repair, rebuild, and become even stronger. For some reason I was OCDing on the fact of it and decided to give my body a 24 hr. recovery moment, especially since the DVD simply repeats the same workout over again.

So, after being so sore it hurt to sit on the potty (butt muscles), I had a great stretch last night with Hubs and felt much more geared up to go at it again today. And, when my computer began acting up and refusing to stay on long enough for me to retrieve the pics I need for a portfolio, I was so reved up with anxiety, a great 20 minute work out was exactly what I needed.

Since my week has been flooded with school and no real down time, I've used this DVD to include some fitness, but have overall slacked off a great deal. It's ok, though, it was my decision, and I'm not beating myself up over not reaching my goals this week. And, I did a sneak peak at my inches and it seems my thighs have given up another .5 an inch just cause. :) I've so far maintained my weekly weight and look forward to getting back into running in a week or so. :)
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