Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fitness: A Journey, Not A Destination

Have you heard this before? The whole enjoy the ride while you're on it thing? I just read these words again, and it rings so true, with everything, really.

I catch myself, at times, really enjoying a moment with the kids, realizing they won't always want to spend time with me, and there is never going back to any age to relive moments. :) It's taken me awhile,with age and time, to really sit back and enjoy a moment. I'm so gung-ho on moving forward, getting to the next milestone, that I forget to look around sometimes. Go for a walk with me and I'll have us moving at speeds that shouldn't be legal and yet I'll sometimes forget to just enjoy nature while we're out.

I was once a huge nature lover. I lost my passon awhile back. I hope to one day find it again. :) p.s. I went to cut the grass today, ran over a tree stump, and now have a bent blade. My bad...

Anyway, it's just a good reminder for me to slow down, enjoy where I am in life, and don't always fly past the changes that are always going on around me.
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