Monday, July 26, 2010

McFatty Mondays with a side of BABProject, PLS!

Well, week 5 finds me happily sitting where I was last week in regards to weight and inches. No big changes for me, but I am happy to report that I'm on day 5 of my 30 Day Shred as well as week 2 of my Jeff Galloway running program.

I'm breaking my 30 Day Shred up to 3 days a week (Mon., Wed., Fri) which also incorporates well into my run program since those are walk days. I'm also excited about the long run on Sundays. I did 4.26 miles for week one, and hopefully, *crossing my fingers* I'll do my 5 miles this coming Sunday. The only thing I'm worried about there is that I'll be in Memphis and this is the day we're to drive back home. I'd hate to be sore and worn down on my ride home. We shall just see. :)

So, this week's schedule:

Monday: 30 Day Shred

30 minute walk

Tuesday: 30 min. run/walk

Wednesday: 30 Day Shred

30 min. walk

Thursday: 30 min. run/walk

Friday: 30 Day Shred

30 min. walk

Saturday: REST DAY!

Sunday: 4 - 5 mile run

Rewards: I had to rethink my rewards since my goals have changed a bit.

4 week completion of the Jeff Galloway program: SUSHI! I so need some sushi. :)

And, what about you? What does your week look like?? :)

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